Hydraulic 10W

Hydraulic 10W
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Product Description Mobil Hydraulic 10W is a high performance hydraulic oil formulated from... mehr
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Product Description
Mobil Hydraulic 10W is a high performance hydraulic oil formulated from advanced base oils and a balanced additive system designed to satisfy a wide range of heavy-duty hydraulic equipment requirements. This product is specifically engineered using an effective balance of ashless dispersants and metallic detergents combined with inhibitors to control oxidation, wear, corrosion and rust. Mobil Hydraulic 10W can be used in a wide range of on and off-highway hydraulic applications.

Features and Benefits
Mobil Hydraulic 10W delivers excellent performance in a wide range of hydraulic systems and components using various multi-metal designs. The product also provides effective low and high ambient temperature performance due to high viscosity index. Its' excellent oxidation resistance delivers good performance at higher temperatures and extended operating intervals. High levels of anti-wear protection result in extended equipment life and fewer breakdowns. Mobil Hydraulic 10W is compatible with other engine oils in case of unplanned mixtures. The key benefits include:
Good protection against oil thickening, high temperature deposits, varnish, and oil degradation
Cleaner hydraulic systems
Less wear especially in vanes and control valves
Protects against vane sticking
Extends drain intervals with oil analysis
Good anti-wear protection Reduces premature wear and extends equipment life
Wide temperature range performance
Reduces wear at cold start-up temperatures
Effective lubrication film strength at high temperatures
Protects against rust and corrosion Longer equipment life and lower maintenance costs
Features Advantages and Potential Benefits

• Hydraulic systems and components used in conjunction with equipmen from leading American, European, and Japanese manufacturers
• Hydraulic systems where wide ambient temperatures are encountered
• Hydraulic systems containing gears and bearings where good anti-wear properties are required
• On and off-highway industries including: trucking, construction, mining, quarrying, and agriculture

Gebinde ltr. : 20 ltr. , 208 ltr.
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